2 Years Fetish Fantasies Birthday-Event DELIRIUM

17.04.08, 01:06:11 von mariamann
Maria Mann is part of the Fetish Fantasies Crew for half a year now and - as always - active in various ways. She is writing for the Fetish Fantasies Magazine and other projects, proofreads and translates - as the spoken and written word is a deep passion for her. But she is also active as a visual and performing artist at Fetish Fantasies Events.
At the upcoming 2-Years-Birthday-Event DELIRIUM in Hamburg, she is creating a group of bizarre creatures – including herself – that will do several performances. At this event, Maria will also be part of the Carlos Perón Performance – the big opening of the Night!

When: 19 Apr 2008, 21:00
Where: CATONIUM, Försterweg 163, 22525 Hamburg, Germany

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